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Wicked Fresh Signature Burgers

Wicked Fresh Signature Burgers


Each burger is custom-blended and locally-sourced, smashed on out griddle to sear and lock in the flavor.

Meal includes Fries and fountain drink.

the Wicked Burger

Smashed burger, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles with our Wicked Fresh Sauce.

Blue Barn Burger

Smashed burger, blue cheese spread, lettuce, tomato and our house-made bacon onion jam.

Fun-gi Burger Vegetarian

Smashed burger, Swiss cheese, Portobello mushroom, lettuce, tomato, bacon and garlic mayo. (Have it with no meat for a veggie fun-gi option.)

Mountain Man

Two smashed burgers, American cheese, fried egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and our Wicked Fresh sauce.

B.B.Q. Burger

Smashed burger, cheddar cheese, house-made slaw, pickles, bacon and our house-made honey mustard BBQ sauce.

Hangry Burger

Cajun smashed burger, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled jalapeño and our Wicked Cajun sauce.


Smashed turkey burger, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and our signature Wicked Fresh Sauce.

Bean Burger Vegetarian

House-made black bean burger with your choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and cilantro-lime mayo. (Add jalapeño mayo to make it spicy.)

Upgrade Your Bun Options

all sandwiches come with toasted bun

Waffle Bun or Gluten Free Bun

B.O.F. - Burger Over Fries, no bun

Lettuce Cup


Wicked Build Your Own

Wicked Build Your Own

Beef, Turkey, Fried Chicken Gluten Free, Black Bean Patty Vegan

Hot Dog

the Impossible Burger 

Don’t want the extra carbs? We gotcha— we can serve up your choice of burger over a fresh iceberg lettuce cup for a deliciously wicked Ice-burger.

Order any of our burgers on our gluten-free buns

Wicked  Toppings

  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • pickles
  • onion
  • ketchup
  • mayo
  • mustard
  • relish

Extra  Toppings

  • bacon onion jam
  • caramelized onions
  • fried egg
  • house-made slaw
  • marinated mushrooms
  • pickled jalapeño
  • pickled onion
  • cilantro lime mayo
  • garlic mayo
  • jalapeño mayo
  • sriracha mayo
  • honey mustard BBQ sauce
  • hot sauce
  • maple sriracha honey
  • ranch
  • sweet & sour
  • buffalo sauce
  • Wicked Sauce
  • Wicked Cajun Sauce
  • Wicked Truffle Sauce

Bacon, American Cheese, Cheese Sauce, Swiss/Cheddar/Bleu Cheese Spread, Dairy Free Cheese 

Wicked Fresh Fried Chicken

Wicked Fresh Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken is Gluten FreeGluten Free

Meal includes fries & fountain drink

Chicken Waffle

hand breaded buttermilk brined fried chicken, American cheese and bacon topped with our maple sriracha honey syrup served on a toasted waffle bun

Buffalo Chicken

hand breaded buttermilk brined fried chicken topped with buffalo sauce, bleu cheese spread, lettuce and tomato on a garlic toasted bun

Chicken Parm

hand breaded buttermilk brined fried chicken topped with marinara and provolone on a garlic toasted bun

Wicked Dorito

Dorito crusted buttermilk brined fried chicken topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles topped with cheese sauce, bacon and ranch on a toasted bun

Wicked Nuggz Gluten Free

hand breaded buttermilk brined fried chicken with your choice of sauce

Wicked Fresh Fries

Wicked Fresh Fries

Hand-cut Green Thumb Farm potatoes, cooked to perfection in out dedicated gluten free fryers.Gluten Free


Choose one of our special house-made sauces, available in two sizes

Wicked Herb Fries

Our house-grown herbs, available in two sizes

Wicked Truffle Fries

Our house-grown herbs and Wicked Truffle Sauce, available in two sizes

Wicked Buffalo Fries

Buffalo chicken, bleu cheese crumbles, ranch and green onions

Wicked Bacon Cheeseburger Fries

Chopped house patty, cheese sauce and bacon crumbles and Wicked sauce

Wicked Bacon Cajun Fries

Cheese sauce, Cajun dust, bacon crumbles and Wicked Cajun drizzle

Wicked Bacon Cheese Fries

Cheese sauce and bacon crumbles

Wicked Fresh Sauces

  • cilantro lime mayo
  • jalapeño mayo
  • sriracha mayo
  • garlic mayo
  • buffalo sauce
  • honey mustard BBQ
  • maple sriracha honey
  • ranch
  • sweet & sour
  • Wicked Sauce
  • Wicked Truffle Sauce
  • Wicked Cajun Sauce

Wicked Fresh Others

Wicked Fresh Others

the Wicked Fresh Salad

Local lettuce, house veggies and our “all-in-vin.”

Add a smashed burger (beef, turkey, black bean or Portobello)

Impossible burger, Fried Chicken

the Wicked Grilled Cheese

Choose any of our cheeses to make a perfectly-melted grilled cheese on toasted bun.

the Wicked Hot Dog

100% 1/4lb Kobe beef hot dog seared and served on a New England hot dog roll.

the Wicked B.L.T.

The classic - lettuce, tomato, bacon and mayo on a toasted bun.

Wicked Fresh Sweets

Wicked Fresh Sweets

Signature Hand-Spun Shakes

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Malt

Specialty Shakes

Hot Fudge Sundae, Maple Bacon, Oreo, Salted Caramel, Coffee, Toasted Marshmallow 

Ask about our Shake of the Week


Delicious, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie.

GF Whoopie Pie Gluten Free

Assorted flavors

Peace of Mind local bakery

Wicked Fresh Kids

Wicked Fresh Kids

All kids meals come with a small drink, small fries, and a cookie.



Hot Dog

Chicken Nuggz

Grilled Cheese

Wicked Fresh Drinks

Wicked Fresh Drinks

Fountain Drinks

Free refills.

Bottled Coca Cola Products

Bottled H2O


Chocolate Milk




Red or white.